Adapter for Mains Plug

Aluminium Electrodes

Big Silicone Electrodes

Big Special Applicator

Comfort Treatment Tubs

Compare iontophoresis units

Complete Spare Parts Set

Current Care

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating underarms

Face Mask


Hidrex PSP1000

Hidrex vs. Idromed Review



Idromed 5 DC

Idromed 5 PC

Idromed Info



Iontophoresis Cables

Iontophoresis device choice

Mains Plug Hidrex

Mains Plug Idromed

Questions about sweating

Repair / Service fee for iontophoresis

Set Duo

Severe sweating

Small Silicone Electrodes

Small Special Applicator

Smelly feet

Stainless Steel Electrodes

Step-Up Transformer

Sweat Protect


The Tap water Iontophoresis

Transportation Case

Underarm Pads w/ Electrodes

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