The Hidrex Iontophoresis units Hidrex GS400 (or DC400) and  the Hidrex PSP1000 (formerly Hidrex ps500, now redeveloped with multiple - and for the iontophoresis field "amazing" features) are professional Iontophoresis treatment systems to treat not only palmar hyperhidrosis or sweaty feet, and underarm sweating, the indicated purposes go further than these "traditional" iontophoresis purposes through a revolutionary pulsating current setup. Indeed you can set the pulsating iontophoresis current with the Hidrex PSP 1000 from 50% (means half the time there is a defineable current, and half the time there is no current flow) in ten percent steps to 60, 70, 80 and 90 percent (in this case threre is only a pause of 10% each time). Further purposes are sensitive areas like facial hyperhidrosis or for treating back sweating or treating the neck with iontophoresis.

Hidrex Iontophoresis units

Through their professional purpose and quality always promises an extreme long product lifecircle, also there is no need for any additional electrode consumables to treat hyperhidrosis on armpits, facial sweating, sweating on hands or feet  (except towels / underam pads facial mask and neck or back applicator should be replaced before the time they are ugly).. The aim of  professional Iontophoresis is to build a device to rely on, that can prevent the treated areas from severe sweating, howeverthe Iontophoresis machines from Hidrex  can NOT "cure" a hyperhidrosis. The iontophoresis users mostly have to maintain periodical treatments to keep of the sweat or prevent sweating. Once a user stops the maintenance treatments - then normally the sweating may sudden, or may gradually level back to the pretreatment conditions.

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Hidrex PSP1000

Iontophoresis Device PC (pulsed current) offers also a direct current ...
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Underarm Pads w/ Electrodes

Supplement for the treatment of sweaty underarms
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