Are you thinking about purchasing an Iontophoresis device?

You need help in selecting the iontophoresis unit for your needs? What are the differences and what are the facts when taking a deeper look to Iontophoresis and Hyperhidrosis.

Iontophoresis devices with Pulsed Current and Direct Current
Idromed 5 DC
 A Direct Current Iontophoresis package to combat Hyperhidrosis
This set contains all that you'll need for feet and hands therapy.
. However, we would urge you to treat only the feet with this unit, because of the fact that Direct Current could be too severe for the treatment of the hands.
-perfect for use at home
- Not recommended for underarm therapy.
Idromed 5 PC
A package for the treatment of excessive sweating using Pulsed Current.
-This package contains all that you require to treat feet and hands as well
-For the treatment of axillary sweating it can be used with armpit pads
- simultaneous treatment of feet and hands is possible
-there is no need for a second person to assist, very easy to use
 -perfect for use at home
Hidrex GS400 - this package contains
Everything that is needed Direct Current for the treatment of feet
Iontophoresis package for hands
For the control of Excessive sweating treating the hands or armpits with this unit (as the Direct current could be too unpleasant for the hands) we do not advise a direct current device for any other purposes than sweaty feet.
 - perfect for use at home
 - not suitable for armpits!!!
Hidrex PSP1000
The newest Iontophoresis in the world!
Iontophoresis device with changeable currents!
- The Hidrex PSP1000 package has everything that you need for the treatment of feet and hands.
- Can also be used for the treatment of excessive sweating of the underarms when used with the armpit pads.
- makes the simultaneous treatment of feet and hands possible.
- you do not need another person to assist you with the treatments. Very easy to use for one person.
- Perfect unit for use in the home or in clinic use.
Suitable for :

hands ***
Feet ***
Armpits ***

Armpit Pads for treatment of the underarms
These are accessories for the treatment of excessive sweating of the armpits and must be used in alliance with either the Hidrex PSP1000 or with the Idromed 5PS.
Iontophoresis Aftercare Current Care Lotion
Designed to be used after your Iontophoresis treatment, this lotion nourishes the skin, is unscented and is very soothing.
Our prices include shipping worldwide and VAT for EU countries. Terms and conditions and further information can be found on our store website.

A quick look at the superiority of our product:
· No electric shock ( electric fence effect )
· Operates with mains plugs ( no batteries needed )!
· does not require the need of medication
· Both feet and hands can be treated at the same time !
· All our devices have a two year warranty, The Idromed PC unit has a four year warranty !
· the potential side effects are very few !
· Perfect for use in home therapy or for use in professional medical practice !
· Straightforward and simple to use !
· Shipping worldwide is included in the price !
· Excellent and quick results with the therapy !
· All of our Idromed 5 devices have an eight week trial and money back guatantee. ( the supplements like electrode armpit pads are not covered )
· Built with superlative quality, the Idromed 5 is one of the preeminent medical Iontophoresis devices in the world!
· Built in electroníc safety features

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