The IontoFactor in Iontophoresis

Finding the road to reduced therapy duration with Iontophoresis
Iontophoresis systems: The Idromed and the Hidrex modules are effectual Iontophoresis devices that require the use of distance grids, towels and pads to bring a certain distance between the electrodes and the skin, and so insure the safety of the skin. In contrast, there are many other machines on the market today that do not require distance between electrodes and skin. This is because these machines, like most homemade units that you can see on the Internet or on you tube, have a very weak current output. Conversely, just because an Iontophoresis machine requires distance grids does not necessarily mean that it is a quality machine!!!
On this page we want to clarify why one person can attain success with Iontophoresis with only one or two, ten minute treatments a week, while some others may need to have 1 hour of therapy every day.
Success with Iontophoresis can be interpreted like this :
Success refers to the amount of sweat reduction achieved with the Iontophoresis treatments. 100% sweat reduction = 100% success. To achieve your own personal success, you must be able to treat with the current intensity that works for you and that you can comfortably tolerate. If the current is too weak for your needs you will never have any success, no matter how long you treat. Finding the current intensity that works for you, and brings you over the borderline from excessive sweating to the “ Point of Sweating Relief “, is a very individual process that can only be discovered through trial and error.
 This “ Point of Sweat Relief “ can also be described as the personal IontoFactor **
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So what exactly is the Iontofactor?
The Iontofactor is simply : Volt x Current
Volt x Current = The personal Body resistance ( according to Ohms law U = RxI ).
** There is a particular current borderline that you must cross before curtailment of the sweating can be attained. This as we mentioned, is very individualized and can vary from a very weak current ( Iontofactor 1) to stronger currents (Iontofactor 1800 ). German and EU Medical law limits current strength to a maximum of 1800 units of Iontophoresis power ( Iontofactor). This maximum Is what our Idromed and Hidrex Iontophoresis modules can distribute. A more energetic device could only be granted legal permission when used entirely with medical surveillance, which would mean having a Doctor or a nurse in attendance for the full Iontophoresis therapy cycle. You should be wary of people wanting to sell you machines with more power than the allowed 1800 units of Iontophoresis power!
If you require a Iontofactor of more than 1800, you will definitely have complications in getting Iontophoresis to work for you. If you cannot breach the Iontofactor threshold of 1800 and your success is limited by the Current limitation of a weak machine, then you could treat for the rest of your life without attaining any relief from excessive sweating.
If you require a Iontofactor that is less than 1800, you will realize positive benefits from your Iontophoresis therapy.

Please don’t forget that there are a few important components that can hinder attaining success with Iontophoresis. These in order of importance are:

  • Condition of the skin. Is the epidermis in good shape? It should have no wounds or abrasions and should not be inflamed.
  • How much power the Iontophoresis device can bring in alliance with the bodies resistance, the ICF – the Iontophoresis Compare Factor.
  • Care of the skin
  • Quality of the water used
  • Diet
  • Use of Medicaments
  • Treatment structure – levels of water, authentic Iontofactor level
  • Further elements such as bio-rhythm, stress, physics

After you have determined your individual particular “ Point of Sweat Relief “, you can influence and regulate your dryness level. For most users it’s like this :
Time x Current x Frequency = dryness level
Once you scrutinize these factors and recognize their effect on your therapy, you will also be able to
 clearly discern why therapy can come to nothing even when using an exceptional device.
The factors Time, Current and Frequency are limited in regards as to how much they can be varied :
CURRENT: intensity of current :  You can only turn the current up to the appropriate power - that, is the power which you can comfortably handle. This is greatly influenced by the Iontophoresis machine that you use, how strong a current it can deliver, and how comfortable it is. This should be obvious : It should not cause skin irritations, nor should it cause any pain. This is where our Pulsed Current machines can play a leading role in your success with Iontophoresis. With a Pulsed Current machine you can go much higher with the current intensity without feeling any pain or discomfort.
TIME : How long to treat : It does not make sense for the Iontophoresis process or yourself, for the treatment to exceed a predetermined amount of time. Having to be in the treatment trays for twenty four hours is not very practical nor is it very amusing.
FREQUENCY: Frequency of treatment: It would also make no sense at all for you or for your Iontophoresis therapy, to exceed a predetermined frequency of treatments in a week. No, treating yourself twenty times a week is likewise not very amusing.
We can summarize by saying that logically, the concept of increasing the CURRENT Intensity factor is far superior than trying to increase the other two factors. And the best way to increase the Current intensity factor is to purchase a Iontophoresis machine that can deliver the strongest and most comfortable CURRENT!
How to compare Iontophoresis machines from different manufacturers
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