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Information to help you choose the Iontophoresis therapy device that fits your needs
Of great importance to the successful treatment of hyperhidrosis is the selection of the appropriate Iontophoresis device. Anyone suffering from Hyperhidrosis has a much better chance of achieving one hundred percent dryness by choosing the machine that is ideally suited to their personal needs. We can assist you in reaching your goal of being sweat free not just because we can advise you as to which device would better serve your particular needs, but also because of the extensive after sales support service that we provide free of charge. We are here to help you achieve your goal of being sweat free!

Iontophoresis with tap water: Iontophores is a powerful treatment to control excessive sweating. It has been proven. Iontophoresis is used widely in clinics and by Dermatologists all over the world. It is a confirmed system for reducing sweating. Why is it then that some Iontophoresis users do not experience one hundred percent success?

We are certain that the answer lies not just in the correct choice of the machine to be used, but is also to be found in the way in which the Iontophoresis therapy is executed. Because all Hyperhidrosis patients do not react to treatment in the same way, and we know that because Iontophoresis is such an individual therapy, treating strictly according to the book, ( the user manual ) will not result in 100% sweat free success for everyone.

With a wealth of knowledge accumulated in over ten years of experience with Iontophoresis treatment, we know the problems and frustrations that Iontophoresis users can experience. We are convinced that our exemplary after sales support and service can be the deciding factor for your success when you use our devices. After buying an Iontophoresis machine from us you can sign up for Priority Support in our online user Forum which will give you immediate access to our knowledgeable support crew. They will help you find feasible solutions for your treatment and answer questions about the machine. In the Forum you will also find useful information and tips from other users. It is this extraordinary degree of support which has made it possible for us to reach a success standard of up to ninety eight percent for our customers, regardless of whether they suffered from excessive sweating on the hands, feet or under the arms.

It's true, the purchase is risk free! There is an eight week money back guarantee on our devices.. If after eight weeks we haven’t helped you to achieve your sweat free goal, you can return the device to us for a full refund. We want you to achieve success and leave the cold, wet, clammy feeling behind you and reach your goal of having warm and dry hands / feet or armpits.

Selecting the Iontophoresis Device for your needs

Two types of treatment streams are available: there is the Pulsed Current (PC) and the Direct Current (DC). In order to choose the right device, It is essential to be aware of the distinctions between them.

At a certain ampereage, the DC units give an amplified treatment success over the PC units. When reading this, you could quickly come to the conclusion that the DC is the more appropriate alternative. Nevertheless, the benefit of PC over DC is that at a given ampereage the PC treatment is much more comfortable for the user and results in a much higher tolerance of the treatment. This is because of how the current flows. As a result, the PC user can tolerate higher ampereage settings than when using DC. Consequently, the more elevated the current –the more pronounced the success that can be attained with fewer therapy sessions in a seven day period.

Success of the treatment depends on the highest adjustable current that the user can tolerate.
The Idromed DC and PC units both have a top current output of twenty five mA. On the other hand, a person using a DC device at a setting of five mA feels about the same thing that someone using PC feels at twenty five mA ( i.e. the maximum setting ). If, for example when treating with a DC device, a user can tolerate three mA before the therapy turns uncomfortable, but he needs to use 10 mA to get sweat free, then it is certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that his goal of being 100% sweat free will never be reached by using an Iontophoresis device. The person using a PC device at a 15mA setting is feeling roughly the same thing felt that a person using a DC device feels at 3mA. The lack of tolerance for the necessary current levels plays a large role in the lack of success with Iontophoresis therapy.

The current boundaries as expressed in the manual should not be surpassed: Maximum 25mA for the feet, max, 15mA for the hands and max. 5mA for the armpits.

These highest values are as a rule not attained with the Direct Current units, but are widely prevalent with the Pulsed Current units.

When treating the axillary cavity with a Pulsed Current Iontophoresis unit, you can set the current level at 5mA and this will usually be enough to bring success because the skin of the axillary cavity is delicate and a high current is not essential there to gain sweat reduction. When treating with a Direct Current device users treating the axillary cavity can often endure only 1mA and consequently will not triumph in their quest for the reduction of their excessive sweating. The PC unit is an altogether more comfortable experience for the skin of the hands and feet and the occurrence of epidermal aggravations is reduced considerably.

We always recommend that our customers choose the Pulsed Current units!

All of our Iontophoresis units have flexible current adjustments that run on the primary power source. You can use these therapeutic units by yourself without the presence of a second person to help manage the treatment. The treatment of hands and feet at the same time is also possible with our devices.. It is very reassuring to know that with our Iontophoresis devices you will not suffer the pain of electric shocks when removing hands, feet or armpits from the trays at the end of a therapy session.

The following table compares four Iontophoresis devices and their ease of treatment for different areas of the body.

Higher current –faster success – fewer sessions - more effective therapy

We have previously mentioned the advantages of the Pulsed Current over the Direct Current units in terms of user tolerance at higher current levels, and the fact that at higher current levels you have quicker success with fewer treatment sessions.

Nevertheless, if you are convinced that you want a DC Iontophoresis unit and would like a straightforward, dependable machine that will give you a maximum current output of 25mA then we would propose getting the Idromed 5DC. If you would like a machine with considerably more current potential, with an output of up to 35mA, and the capability to regulate therapy times, then we would suggest purchasing the Hidrex DC400.


Are you still uncertain as to which device will suit your needs?

It is reassuring to know that if you buy the Idromed 5PC and you should  find that the effect of the PC current is not strong enough to successfully treat your sweating, we'll give you the chance to trade it in for a DC unit. We will pay you back the difference in the cost of the unit and we’ll settle the postage.

PC units have distinct advantages over DC:

• Noteworthy reductions in epidermal aggravations

• Therapy at intensified current levels is decidedly more agreeable and does not hurt.

• Therapy at intensified current levels results in reduced treatment times and / or extended pauses between treatments 

The purchase of a PC unit may strike one as being expensive in the beginning, but do not forget that Iontophoresis is a therapy for life and that from this perspective the per –treatment costs are nominal. The device that you choose will become an important companion in your life. Our PC units are reliable and made to last a lifetime. Usually you will have to continue the maintenance therapy on a permanent basis. Whereas you may sometimes be able to go for a up to a month without treatments before the sweating begins again, you will most certainly need to persist in using the device for the rest of your life.


Direct Current and Pulsed Current Iontophoresis machines:

In our Forum you can find more information on the therapy and the differences between our devices.

The Idromed and the Hidrex models and the differences between them:

Iontophoresis: Pulsed Current ( PC ) models - Pulsed Current treatment can be provided by both the Hidrex PC500 and the Idromed 5PC. The Hidrex has a top current output of 20mA and the Idromed up to 25mA. Because of its higher current out put of 25mA, we highly recommend the Idromed 5PC for the simultaneous PC treatment of hands and feet. With the Hidrex PSP1000 you can switch the current which means that you can choose between treating with the Direct Current ( DC ) and Pulsed Current mode.

All of our Iontophoresis units ( Hidrex and Idromed Direct Current ) have a two year guarantee except for the Idromed 5PC which has an amazing four year guarantee.

If one of our machines break down within the guarantee period:

If the device fails in normal operation it will be collected from you, punctually restored to working order and sent back to you at no extra cost -this is the guarantee for our European customers. We will cover the costs of shipping the unit back to us up to a value of 40 Euros and shipping costs of up to 40 Euros will be reimbursed to you if you are living outside of Europe. The unit will be repaired at once and returned to you again at no extra cost.

The Hidrex Iontophoresis units are also practicable options alongside the Idromed devices for treatment of hands or armpits.

The following advantages are offered by the Hidrex units:
•The Hidrex PSP 1000 has the capability to shift from PC to DC

•For areas with 110 and 240 Volts, a wide range mains plug is provided. In order to use Idromed machines in 110 Volt areas a step-up converter is required

•The capability to set therapy time criterion between 1 and 59 minutes. Idromed possess an undeviating treatment time of 15 minutes.

•Automatic deposit of the therapy criterion of the most recent therapy session in the units’ memory so that when the unit is turned on again, the previous sessions’ therapy criterion are already programmed.

•To prevent skin injury there is an Automatic detection of "Over Treatment"

More detailed info under “ my personal best Iontophoresis Unit “

Iontofactor and Iontophoresis success

Iontophoresis - How to decide which manufacturer and which machine to choose.

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