What if my iontophoresis device is defective or stops working?

Firstly: Our iontophoresis devices are built to last a  lifetime. They are made for professionasl.   They are reliable and have used by dermatologists and in hospitals thousands of  times.

Guarantee: Our machines are covered by a full two - or four year warranty. If your device is in need of repair and you are still within the guarantee time, just let us know. Depending on which country you live in, you can either have your device picked up at your house or you may  send it back to our office.
In most cases, the repair doesn't take longer than 1-2 work days and will be sent back to you immediately, without charging you for repair parts, working hours, shipping or processing. If you send us your faulty device vial mail, please keep the shipping receipt and send it to us (mail or fax) so we can pay the fee (up to 40 ).

If you are no longer within the guarantee time, you can still send us your device, but you will have to compensate for repair parts, working hours, shipping and processing. However, our service is fair, quick and worth its price, so don't lose any sleep over the costs.

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